Quadcopter Drone – Professional Product Knowledge

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Function Of Quadcopter Drone

. VR Controlled FPV 3D Live streaming

. FPV Real time transmission

. Take photo/video function

. High set function/ One key hovering

. One key take-off& On key landing

. One key auto-return

. Foldable design

. Voice control

. Headless mode

. Upside down flight

. With LED Light, Without LED Light

. Speed mode: Low/High Speed

. One key rolling, 360 degree spinning, 4 directions rolling

. Six axis gyro, it will be more stable and easy to control.

. 4 channels, front, back, left, right, up, down

 More new function update all the time

Structure Of Drone Drone

. Blades, protective circle / motor protection device (frame buffer), landing gear, motor;

. Circuit board: Is there a short circuit protection, anti-jamming and the like;

. Battery: detachable or not, internal battery or external battery (replaceable);

. Camera: Pixel 0.3MP, 2MP;5MP internal or external, or without camera.

. Memory Card: 2G, 4G, etc. 

. Charge devices: charger or USB cable;

How to find out the problem if the drone do not work well?

(1)How to do when the blades, protective ring or shell damage?

         . Blade damaged is inevitable, because the drone always encounter obstacles during flight; 

         . Each drone package will be equipped with replaceable blades, you can replace them by yourself;

         . You can buy some extra accessories, such as blades, not only can extend the life of drone,also can tied sale, the business opportunities.

(2)What shall I do when drone fly unstable?

        . Restore Factory Settings

        . Trim by controller

        . Check the revolving speed

(3)How to do if motors work slowly or stop working?

       . Flying time is too long?— Need to get it rest

       . Blades get stuck? —Keep them clean.

       . Dropped down frequently that makes motor broken? — Notice that different item is good for different crowd.

       . PCB is broken—Buy a new one or provide repair assistance.

(4)The drone only can fly 6-8mins with 1 battery, how to extend its flying time? 

       . Purchase the extra battery to extend the flying time, can replace battery asap.

       . Purchase the extra battey and sell with rc drone together, increase profit.

(5)How to select suitable drone?

      . According with customer’s feedback informations, like main products (toys/electronics),position (low/mid/high level), and selling price range ect.

      . Sales model,like supermarket, retail store, wholesale, or On line e-commerce?

      . Competetor main products, so that we can offer you more competitive products.

      . The age range of target customer group

      . The main use of drone

      . Applicable field (indoor/outdoor)

(6)Why they are with similar size but huge difference in price?

      . Different battery and motor quality make cost different.

      . Different PCB quality makes cost different.

      . Different material/function also make cost different.