APP-TOY Promise our Delivery on time, drone with camera, rc fpv car, game and mobile, smart robot Quality Guarantee, After sales, Protect the benefit of client

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Delivery on time

APP TOY delivery your orders on time as you confirmed. If any case we have to delay more than 10 days, we will air unfinished part in our own charge.

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Quality Guarantee

Our products meet European and American quality standards. We do three times inspection of 100% quantity. if the defective products exceed 1%, we will provide free accessories or products for replacement. All expenses are borne by us.

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After sales

The defective products within one year can be replaced or deducted in subsequent orders. Our products are easy to disassemble, easy to repair, and player can handle some simple problems by them self. Our clients only need to provide accessories. This design reduces the cost of after sales

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Protect the benefit of client

We attach great importance to the benefit of our clients. For big buyers, the new products are sold to one and only clients in the same area to protect the customers' market; If other clients sell the same products to protected areas, we will compensate local clients for the price.